13. Annex E - Individual Reflections

Reflections: I learnt many things about Diabetes, the effects, what can be done to avoid the relapse or the effects of diabetes and what can be done to avoid the disease.
What I enjoyed most: I enjoy interviewing Dr Yvonne Ng from NUH, although I thought she was going to be very strict and the interview must be very informal, but she was friendly and smiled through out the interview.

What i learnt something new is the method of presentation , i learnt new ways of presenting.With those skill, i can present more properly . Something i enjoy the most is that we always have some fun in the group, without those, i think our group would be too serious and stress-out

Reflections: I have learnt working in a group has its pros and cons and we have to adapt so that we could work more efficiently together. One thing I enjoyed the most is that we had fun when we are doing work as we don't get too stressed out and the quality of work done will be bad.

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