6. Recommendation

-Children with type 1 Diabetes < 450 calories
9-11 mph running 30 mins and/or skin diving
-Type 1 Diabetics < 200 calories
Dance and/or yoga 30 mins
-Type 2 Diabetics < 300 calories
Moderate general swimming, bike riding 30 mins

Breakfast. Whole-wheat kaya toast, a piece of fruit, 1 cup of Milo.
Lunch. Grilled/boiled/fried chicken/pork, steamed broccoli, a bowl of cooked rice/noodles, 1 cup of juice.
Dinner. Spaghetti with olive oil and vegetable seasoning, carrots, pickles, pumpkin soup and Parmesan cheese, 1/2 cup of juice/wine.
Snacks. Popcorn/cookies, coleslaw.

- Insulin pump. Injects insulin into body at designated time. For all ages.
- Pancreatic Transplant. More suitable for adults. Needs lifetime of drugs to prevent bodily rejection but never need to inject insulin again.
-Glucose Meters and injectors. Used by all Diabetics to test the concentration of blood sugar levels in body. Squeezes blood out each time.

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